30 Dec

Three Essential Resume Writing Tips

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When you are looking at how to write a resume you’ll know that content and key skills are vital. But there are a few other things you’ll need to consider when writing a resume and applying for a job. Here are three essential resume tips to consider before you start your job application.


When you are writing your resume, structure is crucial. Not only will structure help you to focus on relevant jobs and interesting work history, but it will also make your resume easier to read for the employer. If your resume has no structure it can be very complicated to read. If you don’t include dates, dates of education, relevant work experience and your work responsibilities then it makes it very difficult for an employer to pick out your relevant experience and match you to the job criteria. And if they are impatient, they may skip your resume and go to the nextb application! Before you write your resume you should analyse the position you are applying for – what industry is it? What responsibilities does the position have? What skills do you need to succeed in the position? By asking yourself these questions you will be able to structure your resume accordingly. When structuring your resume you should list your education in date order – most recent first. You should also do this with your work experience but you should only highlight jobs that are relevant to the position to ensure the employer can get to the key parts of the resume as quickly as possible.


When you are writing your resume you should constantly think about the relevance of the content you are including and the relevance of the work projects you talk about. An employer will want to see what impact you could have on their company and how you could work in the role. The best way to demonstrate this is by including relevant projects and experience on your resume. If you are applying to a job in Sales, you need to show how you have good sales skills and how you can make a difference. The best way to do this is to include sales jobs you have worked on, responsibilities of the role and any statistics or figures to show your sales skills in action. Keeping your resume relevant makes it easier for the employer to visualise you working for the company and it allows them to imagine your impact in the role. This can help when it comes to choosing candidates for job interviews and could improve your chances of making the shortlist.


No matter what industry you are applying to, all employers want to see creativity in prospective candidates. Whether it’s showing innovative ideas to push the company forward or suggesting new processes, creativity can help you to stand out from the crowd. You can show creativity on your resume by either highlighting your creative achievements or by writing a different career objective or personal statement to grab the employer’s attention. Creativity is a vital trait because it shows you can make a difference and it shows you can help the employer to stand out from their competition.

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