12 Nov

Should You Include a Picture on Your Resume?

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Many candidates can’t decide whether to attach a profile picture to their resume when applying for a job. Some people think it can make your resume stand out from the crowd while others believe it’s cheesy. So should you attach a picture to your next job application? Here are some steps to help you decide.

Assess the Job

Assessing the job you are applying for is essential when deciding whether or not to attach a profile picture to your resume. If you are applying to work as a Model or a Presenter then an employer will probably want to see a picture however if you are applying to work in an admin based role it may not be appropriate. You should look through the jobs you are applying for in order to help make your decision. Creative industries are more likely to want to see a picture of you although it depends on the individual employer so do your research.


Networking in your chosen industry is a great way of meeting contacts and it can also help you when it comes to resume writing. Speak to other candidates about their previous work experience and ask them their opinion on resume templates and whether or not including a picture is effective. You may find out one or two stories that help you make your decision.

rResume Samples

Look online for resume samples from your chosen industry. You should be able to see how popular pictures are by browsing through a few example resumes. If only a few attach an image then you should probably consider leaving yours out.

Personal Opinion

Attaching a profile image to your resume really comes down to personal taste. It’s unlikely to damage your interview chances (unless you attach an inappropriate image) so it’s up to you whether or not you feel comfortable including an image. Many candidates don’t like to as it could make an interviewer inadvertently judge your job application but it’s all down to personal preference.

Tip: Attaching a picture won’t improve your chances of securing a job interview but if you do decide to attach a profile image to your resume then use a professional photo similar to one you might use on Linked In or Twitter. Ensure you are dressed smartly for the picture and smile to demonstrate a positive attitude!

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