07 Jan

Resume Proofreading

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When writing a resume or writing a cover letter it is crucial that you proofread everything and ensure you are using the correct grammar.

If you send your resume to an employer or recruitment company and it is littered with spelling mistakes this will damage your chances of winning a job interview. First impressions, although not everything, do count. If your resume or cover letter contains some mistakes the person reading it will think;

  • You don’t care about attention to detail
  • You rush your work
  • You are not thorough
  • You have sent the job application without thinking
  • You are careless

These are not the traits you want to demonstrate! So before you send out your resume ensure;

  • You thoroughly check through it for spelling mistakes
  • Re-read your cover letter to ensure you have addressed it correctly
  • Spot any generic terms which could be changed into something more elaborate
  • Check your skills, work experience and qualifications listed on your resume match what you say in the cover letter
  • Ensure you haven’t missed out any vital details that are relevant to the job
  • Ask a friend to read through your resume

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