16 Mar

Personal Details to Include on Your Resume

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When writing your CV you need to include some personal details to ensure the employer can contact you. If you are writing a resume and are unsure as to what personal details to include read on to find out.

Name and Contact

Include your full name at the top of your resume so the employer can quickly identify your job application. You also need to ensure you include contact information so the employer can contact you quickly. Include your up to date phone numbers and email address and ensure you spell check it before you send your resume to an employer. If you are currently in employment then ensure you include contact numbers that won’t disrupt your working day and obviously do not include contact details of your current place of employment if you don’t want to be contacted there.


You should include your location on your resume as it will show the employer how close you are to their offices, which could be an advantage when it comes to the hiring stage.

Social Media

With so many companies using social media sites to interact with clients, it can be really beneficial to include your social links on your resume. Only include the social links that you think can showcase your expertise and will benefit your job application. Consider including links to Twitter and Linked In and any blogs that you update with news of your industry. If you have any links to an online resume or examples of your work online then include these too to give the employer an idea of what you are like as a candidate. But if you do include these then ensure you keep them professional as it’s likely the employer will look at them.

Include this information at the top of your resume so it is easy to find and so the employer can contact you efficiently.

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