14 Oct

Improve Your Resume with Sales Skills

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Sales skills are very transferable. In today’s current economic climate employers like to see sales skills in candidates because it shows you can promote the company and bring in business. It’s also good to include on your resume because often you can transfer these skills to other areas.

If you haven’t worked directly in a sales based role you can still outline your key skills on your resume template including:

  • Attention to detail – all employers will want to know that you are dedicated to providing the best service and getting the best results possible.
  • Good communicator – this is essential in all customer facing jobs so even if it’s not a sales position you are applying for it will improve your resume
  • Persuasive – most companies look for people who can bring in new business and leads so showing you are persuasive can add to your application
  • Committed – in your resume make reference to your commitment in both work experience and your hobbies.
  • Good rapport building – this is essential for most roles so ensure you demonstrate any past experiences with customers.
  • Approachable – this is a good skill to show on your resume not only for external sales, but for internal sales. If you are looking to gain promotion in the future the employer needs to know that you are approachable in the workplace and that you can build relationships with other staff members.
  • Competitive – in sales this is really helpful but it’s helpful in almost every role. Demonstrating you are competitive shows that you are always striving to improve and that you want to achieve the best for the company.
  • Driven – whether you touch on previous work experience, successful projects or show your career portfolio – showing you are driven can really improve your chances of securing a job interview.

If you can show all of this in your resume writing and refer back to previous work experience it can really help to boost your job search.

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