04 Jul

How to Avoid Resume Mistakes

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A new report out today has detailed how mistakes on your resume can hinder your job interview chances – demonstrating that spending time on proofreading your resume is more crucial than ever.

A new survey, conducted by the National Careers Service, highlights that one of the biggest mistakes a candidate can make is sending a general resume to employers. Two thirds of career advisors said that not tailoring a resume prevented candidates from securing employment. Over 60% of career advisors also noted that spelling and grammatical errors were costly to employment chances.

The survey also revealed that on average candidates should spend at least an hour a week working on improving their resume. So if you are currently job hunting and looking to spend more time on your resume, here are some tips to help you avoid these common mistakes:

Read Job Role

One of the key things to do before you begin writing a resume is to research the company you are applying to and the job role. Researching this will help you to personalise your application and will also demonstrate to the employer that you are keen to work for the company! Read the job description and highlight the key responsibilities and refer to these throughout your resume and explain why you are capable of completing these responsibilities and what you can bring to the prospective role. Researching will also help you to create some job interview questions to ask the employer, which can help you to build rapport at the interview stage.

Personalise Work Experience

When an employer receives your resume one of the first things they will look at is your past work experience. Looking at your previous jobs will help the employer to visualise what impact you could have in their company and will also reaffirm that you have the right skill set for the job. When you are applying for a specific job in a specific industry ensure you include relevant work experience and list your responsibilities and achievements within each role.

Add Personality

Because employers receive so many resumes for each job advert they post, it’s a good idea to add a bit of personality to your application. Whether it’s listing your hobbies and interests outside of work or using the personal statement section to explain a bit more about you as a candidate – try and show a bit of personality on your resume to make yours stand out from the rest.

Design Your Resume

resume design is crucial. An employer will look at your resume for a few seconds before they judge it so you need to make sure the impression they get is a good one! Use resume samples to look at other resumes in your industry. Take inspiration from the design and layout of other resumes and use this to create your own resume template. To get started on your new resume try our online resume builder.

Proof Read

As established in the recent survey, spelling mistakes on your resume can really hinder your job interview chances. It’s vital that you proof read your resume a few times before you send it out to employers.

Cover Letter

To personalise your application even more you should consider writing a cover letter. In your cover letter briefly explain your expertise, key skills and ambition but also use the cover letter to explain why you want to work for the company and what you can bring to their organisation.

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