03 Sep

Basic Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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When compiling your CV there are some key things you should avoid. Avoiding simple mistakes on your resume template will automatically increase your chances of employment.
Remember – most employers will simply scan a resume. They don’t have time to pick out details and spot information that is hidden. Similarly, they don’t have time for mistakes. Here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid when writing a resume:

There is no strict rule on what font you should use but you need to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing. Using a standard font that is big enough to read with ease is always recommended. That way your potential employer can quickly scan your resume template without having to work too hard. If you use a font size that is barely legible your resume might not get the attention it deserves.

This is, of course, a big no. Sometimes you might want to embellish facts and figures on your resume and this is fine – as long as you are not stretching the truth. If you lie on your resume and get invited to interview, the true facts and figures will inevitably get discovered and you will look very unprofessional. Being honest will earn you respect and ultimately trust from an employer.

No Cover Letter
With any resume you should practice cover letter writing. Writing a specific cover letter is crucial when applying for a particular role. You will need to mention why you are interested in the job, why you want to work for the company and what you can bring to the organisation. This will be different for every job application so ensure you put together a well rounded cover letter.

Industry Jargon
You might think writing jargon from previous roles will make your resume sound even better. This is a myth. Your potential employer does not need to be baffled by ‘fancy’ words. Keep it simple and only use industry specific terms when it is necessary.

Getting Too Personal
Although you shouldn’t use jargon too much, you need to refrain from being too personal and casual in your resume. It’s good to be friendly but you need to keep it professional.

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